Meet our Founders ⋆౨ৎ

Meet our Founders ⋆౨ৎ

The other day we sat down with our Founders, Brenda and Clara Liang, to get sneak peek inside their brains and get to know them better.  


Do you have a favorite emoji/symbol
Brenda: 💕 ✋🌷⭐️ and unironically 😂😭👍
Clara: 🎀🐚💝😃⭐️💋

What’s your favorite internet era? myspace? tumblr? instagram when you could only post one picture?
B: I miss the peak of Tumblr a lot...I wanted to be a beach baddie so bad and named my Tumblr “Vitamin-Sea.” I also loved Ask.Fm as a middle schooler was insanely cruel and unhinged in the funniest way. And ZWINKY.
C: Barbie Girls, Webkinz and Poptropica will alwaysss be on top for me. Nothing can beat the era of playing 1:00am PC games on our family desktop 🤲


How would you spend a perfect day?
B: Wake up the birds chirping and sun beaming through the windows, whisk the perfect matcha, have a borderline painful workout, steam/sauna for like an hour, have some deep work time and then have a bomb dinner with friends and possibly go out after and take a few shots before going home and watching America's next top model before passing out
C: Wake up extra early on a summer day, morning stretch for a clear mind, brunch and latte, play a little piano, workout, shower, taking an extra long time on my skincare/self-care regime, yum yum dinner, catching up with friends and going for long drives, America’s next top model and a little tik tok to end the night!!


Your most recent obsession (or something that you would prefer to gatekeep)?
B: Poker, my iPad WITH THE PAPER TEXTURE SCREEN PROTECTOR (I'm a newly formed iPad baby), Haus Labs Lip Oil, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT and Chaga gummies.
C: kaja lip stain and Merit lipstick, 40z owala tumblr, aloha protein bars and airpod max jelly cases



A trend that you’re in a love/hate relationship with

B: I'd say quiet luxury. It's a bit too understated for my personal taste but I also have an appreciation for it. Effortless, beautiful, clean and classic. Never really goes out of style.
C: The ballet core trend. I like some pieces but for myself, it's a no.

Give us a one word hint for the next collection!!!
B: splash..
C: bubblez


more hints ;)

What’s it like working with your sister?
B: Extremely comforting. It's possibly the easiest relationship I have within “business” because we know each other so well, and how we both operate and have operated throughout our entire lives. We know what we need when we are feeling insecure in our decisions and how we act when we feel stressed or overwhelmed. It's also comforting and important to have people in your life who are more than willing to give raw and unsolicited opinions. We both don't have much interest in sugarcoating anything, so knowing that we're both always going to say it how it is, is really comforting and important. Also the sheer fact that we're always going to be there for each other no matter where Siren goes is something I think we're both blessed to have.
C: so AWESOME! I love working with Brenda especially because we know each other in and out, and what areas we are strongest in. I like that we can work and operate without having to adhere to social norms and ‘mannerisms’. It allows us to receive unfiltered feedback and to really challenge each other to become the best versions of ourselves, both inside and outside of a work setting. 




















If you could change (instantly, like magic) anything about Siren what would you change?
B: Ugh there are so many things, but obviously every mistake and setback is an opportunity for growth. At the moment, I’d say I’d want a perfectly organized and efficient shipping + logistics system. And to make our production more seamless and on-time.
C: maximizing efficiency and organization for sure, but of course that’s a process in itself and it takes time to figure out what works and doesn’t work.


Hopefully you've enjoyed this small taste of the Liang sisters. Even though we would hate to spoil the surprise, we have a lot more content like this coming soon... stay tuned ;) 

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