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Siren Basics

Ultra-Plush Bunny Robe ✦ NEW ✦

Ultra-Plush Bunny Robe ✦ NEW ✦

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Our Ultra-Plush Bunny Robe is designed in collaboration with friend and tattoo artist Maya Ferrandiz, inspired by sketches and tattoo flash sheets with Siren motifs ranging from Chinese coins, underwear, bunnies and the Chinese characters 私人的 (Sīrén de), which directly translates to "private," the basis for our brand name Siren Basics.

The Ultra-Plush Bunny Robe feels like inner-child healing, featuring bunny-shaped pockets and a hint of nostalgia, reminiscent of our treasured holiday PJs and blankets.

For when you feel like wrapping yourself in a fluffy blanket, or wearing a human-size coloring book. 

Size Chart

  • Small (2-6)
  • Medium (8-10)
  • Large (12-14)
  • XL/1X (16-18)
  • 2X (18-20) / 3X (20-22)
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