✧✦cyanotypes with sirens✦✧

✧✦cyanotypes with sirens✦✧

Cyanotypes (aka blueprints) are a kind of print made with a mix of two chemicals (potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate) which create Prussian Blue dye when exposed to UV light. 


cyanotype process/bts𖦹


Once these chemicals are mixed they can be spread onto your paper or fabric of choice. In order to get an image, film negatives or an item are placed on top of your treated paper or fabric and then exposed to UV light (most use sunlight). After exposure, water is used to fix your image and remove any unexposed chemical.


 some pictures from the process: top- negatives, bottom- developing print 


















The allure of creating cyanotypes with siren mesh undies lies in the translucent quality of the fabric, which allows the print to showcase all of the details, ripples, and folds.  




mesh full | acrylic paper


 mesh full photographed on a bedsheet | acrylic paper 


mesh full modeled by Evelyn Logan | acrylic paper



 mesh full modeled by Evelyn Logan | cotton/linen blend (print produced with a positive)




various underwear modeled by Ella | watercolor paper (this print was also produced with a positive)




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