Siren Silkies

Siren Silkies

Siren Silkies Launched February 2022

The Siren Silkies Collection introduces a new silky textile to the world of Siren, building upon collections previous that featured underwear made from cotton and mesh. Drawing inspiration from sumptuous organic materials and a sense of meditative tranquility, the latest collection marks a natural progression as Siren solidifies its vision and namesake by exploring and pushing the boundaries of accessible underwear. Refocusing on the beauty of simplicity, Siren Silkies explores a new facet of the brand where indulgence meets ease, where decadance can be found in one’s drawer.

Siren aims to highlight the intentionality in the everyday, the intimate parts of our routine that can seem mundane — the sensation of soft skin in fresh bed sheets, or slipping on your favorite pair of briefs as you start your day. Siren Silkies sees a variety of rich neutral tones in airspun, silk-soft fabric, an innovative addition to the burgeoning brand’s lineup of decadent and sensorial materials. Featuring a higher rise and further coverage than previous Siren styles, the new collection marks another original hallmark fit to the brand roster as well.




Photography by Bella Newman

Makeup by Isze Cohen and Aliyah Abeni-Taylor

Styling and Set Design by Marlo Rimalovski

Styling pieces by Mae Mae Dylan and Allison Oh

Creative Direction by Brenda Liang

Models: Danielle Gazi, Tatum Dorrell, Priscilla Del Castillo and Sae-Young Bak



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