Launched June 2021

Inspired by the warm, radiant, and powerful energy of the models included in the  campaign, the collection channels notions of balance and free-flowing, organic movement. The Abundance  collection represents a tangible manifestation of the brand’s fluid pillars of design, examined through an  empowering and sensorial lens that is unequivocally Siren.  

With lush visuals and liquid-like jewel tones, the Abundance collection is evocative of its namesake —  ideas of bouncy textures and juicy opalescence fill its aura.

Abundance pays homage to ideas of not a  cup-half-full but rather a cup-spilling-over, and toys with the idea that contentment, infatuation even, can  be found from underwear, whether that be from the object itself or how it makes you feel.

An invitation to think of abundance in terms of one’s  energy — one that is juicy, exuberant, and full of life — the abundance of warmth, confidence, and a big pot of love ... 

Photography by Jacob Tran
Lighting by Nico Rodriguez
Makeup by Isze Cohen and Marlo Rimalovski
Styling by Marlo Rimalovski, Clara Liang and Brenda Liang
Set design by Marlo Rimalovski and Jacob Tran
Florals by Marlo Rimalovski
Graphics by Fisk
Creative Direction by Brenda Liang
Models: Neyh Douglas, Maya Kotomori, Maya Ferrandiz and Mae McKagan
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